A Thought on Sovereignty and Cosmic Warfare

For several months I have been thinking, off and on, about the theme of cosmic warfare in scripture and how it is reconciled to the sovereignty of God.  Below is a concise statement I have written.  I’m not yet settled in my view, but this is a possibility.

In God’s original ordering of creation he gave humanity great freedom in their role as vice-regents mediating his kingdom reign on earth.  He likewise gave the angelic beings (Son’s of God) great freedom to execute their role in administering his kingdom.  After the fall, God chose not to completely rescind the freedom he had given, but rather has determined to demonstrate his sovereignty and power by achieving his ends in spite of the free choices of sinful creatures to oppose his kingdom rule.  He is redeeming the fallen world under the original parameters of his design.

I think this understanding avoids the extremes of both open theism and meticulous control.  It rightly maintains the tension between an all-knowing sovereign God and the reality of a powerful enemy and fallen image bearers whose kingdom legitimately opposes the kingdom of God.  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “A Thought on Sovereignty and Cosmic Warfare

  1. I often feel like the sovereignty-versus-free-will debate misses the mark as this quote alludes. I’m a believer in the sovereignty of God even pertaining to our eternal lives. But that does not change our ability to make choices in this life.

    The short version is that we have to distinguish in scripture what are meant to be eternal lessons and what are timely lessons. For instance, the Bible teaches multiple types of justification–some eternal by sovereign God and others timely according to the choices we make.

    • Thanks for the insight Jeremy. I agree that much of this debate misses the mark. In the end we must admit there is a great deal of mystery here. Also, I don’t think my above view on cosmic warfare prevents someone from approaching salvation from a more reformed position. These are two differing issues and the reality that unregenerate humanity is actively waring against God’s kingdom in allegiance with God’s enemy, Satan, is a pretty strong testimony of the depravity of humanity.

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